Delve into the Depths of Dominica on an Unforgettable Canyoning Excursion

Dominica’s lush, unspoiled landscape offers endless depths of natural wonders to discover, revealing a seemingly new world with each excursion. Canyoning, also known as waterfall rappelling, opens a door to unimaginable vistas and an exhilarating adventure through the island’s waterways. Descend deep gorges carved from thousands of years of rainfall, maneuver through striking rock structures amid jungle landscape and jump into hidden pools glimmering with emerald colors.


With breathtaking, changing terrain that evokes adventure and awe, the path through Dominica’s canyons greets you with moments of challenge and celebration—all while in the hands of the most capable guides on the island. Whether you’re an experienced canyoneer or novice, your guides will prepare you with the proper gear and a briefing before you embark on an unforgettable trek abundant with natural treasures awaiting discovery.


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