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Come Snorkel at Night with us at Secret Bay

nightsnorkellingAnyone who has ever swum in the sea at night knows that it completely changes the way you see and experience the underwater world. You feel weightless, almost as if you are in space, your limbs suspended in the warm darkness. And all around you, the creatures that you see are different from those that dart around the corals by day.

Come night snorkelling with us during your stay at Secret Bay and enjoy an experience like no other. The diurnal fish retreat to the safety of the cracks and crevices in the reefs and the nocturnal creatures emerge for a night of feeding. Escorted by our guide on a safe and educational tour you’ll use dive lights to help you explore the reefs. Hunt out lobsters, octopus, moray eels, and nocturnal fish, along with bizarre creatures like the orange balled corallimorph, which emerges from the recesses and extends its tentacles out to ensnare passing food; or basket stars that open up from their daytime balls into huge fans to filter the water of nutrients.

And to round it off, after about 30 minutes of snorkelling, we will stand in the sand chest deep, turn off our torches and, depending on the moon enjoy a fantastic panorama around us. Dipping ours heads while waving our hands and arms in the water, we will delight in the bioluminescence that lights up behind us.  On returning to the beach you will be welcomed with a towel and some hot soup to warm you up. All in all, a truly magical experience that you will never forget.

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