The Best Caribbean Honeymoon Is An Adventurous One

Today, honeymooners are looking for more than just sitting poolside while sipping an umbrella drink. They want experiences, to travel to the lesser-known corners of the earth, to witness and engage in something notable. Newlyweds yearn for a honeymoon to remember; one that evokes memories of romance, challenge, beauty, fulfillment. A complete detachment from reality, a separation from their average day. Recently featured in NY Mag’s “The Cut” as a “honeymooner’s dream,” Secret Bay offers a myriad of experiences to satisfy your amorous wanderlust—the best Caribbean honeymoon one (well… two) can imagine.

Delve into uncharted territory as you embark upon a guided boat trip up the magical Indian River, a paradise for birdwatchers and curious minds. Lined with gnarled and enchanting Bwa Mang trees and mangroves, the river served as the ideal backdrop in the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean films, a true testament to this surreal and dramatic adventure.

Immerse yourselves, hand-in-hand, in the lesser-seen treasures of the Dominican rainforest and rekindle your long-lost childlike wonder while exploring the jungle with famed naturalist Dr. Birdy. Inherit the wisdom of the Nature Island and delight in the novelty of an exotically-foreign environment. Taste the sugar cane pulled straight out of the ground, breathe in the aromas of wild coffee beans, and observe some of the most colourful endemic bird species in the world.

For a more spiritual bonding experience, engage in the meditative practice of forest bathing. Soak in the strength of your natural surroundings as your guide teaches the precepts of mindfulness. Slow down, unplug, and enjoy your deep connection with each other and the shared Earth you sit upon, all while amidst the unadulterated forests of Dominica.

On the skirts of the mystical jungle, submerse yourselves in the rich, captivating culture of the island. Dominica’s first people, the Kalinago, have preserved and share a proud heritage more than 1,000 years in the making. Visit the Kalinago Barana Auté (Cultural Village) and stop at the craft stalls for beautiful traditional handiwork, including lovely woven straw baskets, as you embrace a lifestyle entirely unbeknownst to you.

After a long day of exploration and discovery, return to your sumptuous villa veiled within the Dominica rainforest, your very own Caribbean honeymoon kingdom by which you may withdraw from the outside world. While the luxury of Secret Bay does, in part, emerge from the ultra-modern amenities within each villa and bungalow, the true luxury that guests so often glorify is the resort’s inherent aura of romance. Secret Bay was built on love, with love, and we would be so grateful to celebrate you and yours.


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