A Look at Secret Bay’s New Villa Gardens

At the center of Secret Bay’s ethos is wellness inspired by the nourishing elements of nature. And while our prime location along the cliffside above the sparkling sea certainly sets the stage for a healing atmosphere, our design, amenities and everyday practices likewise play important roles in mind-body wellness. 

Our most recent initiative is to support physical wellness through nutrition, which is why we’ve introduced organic gardens at every villa at Secret Bay. The brainchild of Secret Bay’s new Executive Chef Fábio Fernandes, the new villa gardens offer exclusive access for guests to harvest their own fresh herbs and produce — all just beyond their doorstep. While the offerings may vary by season, guests can expect to find an assortment of flavorful, healing herbs (e.g. turmeric, ginger, peppermint), fruit (e.g. watermelon), and vegetables (e.g. lettuce, cucumbers) in raised grow beds right outside their front door.

It’s a new spin on the farm-to-table experience, letting guests harvest, prepare and eat directly from their own “farm.” Added on to our private in-villa cooking class led by one of our talented chefs, guests can see exactly where their food is grown before it’s transformed into a six-star meal just for them.

This onsite experience preserves the integrity of each harvest and provides each guest with a fully traceable dining experience. Not only does this make for the highest quality food, our villa gardens help cultivate the idea of foraging and sourcing hyperlocal ingredients — making for an entirely new educational experience. 

The villa gardens are our latest wellness initiative to continue to exceed guests’ expectations of a six-star travel experience. As we move, collectively, toward a healthier, wellness-focused world, we hope to see others follow suit — whether that’s past guests encouraged to grow their own food when they return home or other resorts taking a page from the Secret Bay book. 

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