5 Simple Ways to Beat Jet Lag

It’s been said that a night at Secret Bay will be the best sleep of your life. And while the crystal blue waters of Dominica are calling your name, long international flights can often hinder your bedtime routine. But you don’t have to let jet lag spoil the first few days of your Caribbean escape. With these five simple tips, you’ll have your body clock reset on island time as soon as you set foot on Dominica soil.

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol on the plane. The dry air of the cabin combined with the effects of altitude make dehydration that much worse. Once you land, combat the warm Dominica climate by keeping your water bottle full. Getting enough fluids will get you back to feeling refreshed!

Eat Light

Having a heavy meal on the plane can leave you feeling sluggish for hours. Stick to light snacks that are high in protein and vitamins. Once you arrive at Secret Bay, be sure to eat frequent small meals to give your digestion a boost. Our fresh tropical fare will have you revived in no time.

Set Your Watch

It’s called jet “lag” for a reason. Adjust your watch to reflect Dominican time as soon as you board the plane. Switch your sleep schedule by falling asleep earlier and waking up with the Dominican sun. In no time, your circadian rhythm will be perfectly in sync with island time.

Soak up the Sun

Sunlight is key for regulating your natural sleep and wake cycles. As soon as you arrive at Secret Bay, soak up some rays to get your body back on track. Between beach lounging, rainforest excursions and alfresco dining, you’ll have plenty of chances to soak up the Caribbean sunshine.

Fine-Tune Your Sleeping Environment 

While Secret Bay’s accommodations are carefully curated, we understand that comfort is not universal. That’s why everyone has the luxury of personalising their villa bedroom through our unique “Slept Away” program. Before you arrive, you can choose your preferences in the following categories:

  • Mattresses: medium or firm, hypoallergenic 
  • Pillows: standard, memory foam, waterbase, extra firm 
  • Sleeping Aids: eye masks (rice-filled or silk), earplugs 
  • Homemade Herbal Teas: soursop, lemongrass, bay leaf 
  • Sonos Bluetooth Speaker: stream calming music, white noise, or other relaxing sounds

Ready for the best sleep of your life? Book your Secret Bay winter getaway now.

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