4 Life-Changing Spiritual Adventures on the Nature Island

Dominica has long been a place people come to reconnect. Whether it be their mind to their body, their body to the earth, their soul to something divine and beautiful—this island has a way of fielding connections and awakenings like no other place in the world. If during your stay at Secret Bay, you find yourself longing for greater understanding, peace, grounding, inspiration, we recommend embarking on any of the following adventures.

1. Swimming Alongside Sperm Whales

As vast and wondrous as it is, the ocean itself has a way of forcing you to take a new perspective on life. Simply being on or in it—with no land in sight—can make you realize how expansive the world truly is. Now, combine that feeling with the chance to swim alongside a magnificent 60-ton creature with the largest brain in the animal kingdom, and you’ll gain a new appreciation for the unknown and unfathomable. These gentle giants can be spotted year-round off the coast of Dominica—the only country in the world to be able to claim that.

2. A Yoga Class at Bwa Mang Wellness Pavilion

If you’ve taken a yoga class in a studio before, you know the practice itself has immense calming, healing, strengthening, and restorative properties. No matter where it’s practiced, yoga is considered a spiritual adventure on its own. At Secret Bay, we facilitate yoga classes that combine the healing power of the practice itself with the restorative qualities of being immersed in nature. Set amidst the trees, overlooking the tide rolling in and back out—yoga at our outdoor Bwa Mang Wellness Pavilion is not to be missed.

3. A Visit to the Kalinago Territory

Now an independent nation, Dominica’s history has certainly been a complicated one, with various settlements and colonization periods in its past. One of the last pre-Colombian populations—dating back to before the 15th century—is the Kalinago people, who occupy eight villages across the Kalinago Territory on Dominica’s East Coast. This community of people welcomes visitors who want to experience a different culture. Stop by for conversation and community, and be sure to peruse the craft stalls for beautiful, traditional handiwork to take home with you.

4. A Guided Horseback Ride

Majestic, intelligent, gentle creatures—horses possess a captivating spiritual energy. Saddle up and embrace the new perspective and pace as you explore the island from a positively remarkable point of view. Your tour may take you along the sea shore, through the rainforests, to waterfalls, up and down hills, and all around. Connect with your horse and your surroundings as you fully embrace the moments this experience provides.

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