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4 Guest Love Stories in Anticipation of Secret Bay’s Romantic Reopening


This summer, as we countdown the last 100 days until Secret Bay’s reopening—with a host of new romantic amenities—we’re also recounting the love we’ve fostered and encountered over the past seven years. After all, Secret Bay was founded on a story of love and has always nurtured intimacy in the hearts of its guests. Here, we journey back in time to sneak a peek at the romantic holidays of four guest couples.

Debbie & Alan: Five-Time Guests

There is perhaps no couple that knows the secret of Secret Bay better than five-time guests Debbie and Alan. Having first arrived in November 2011, the couple began their journey in one of Secret Bay’s bungalows where their initial expectations were entirely exceeded. Their second trip in 2012 was rooted in romance, complete with indulgent meals, unforgettable sunsets and soothing breezes from their bungalow balcony. By the third trip in 2013, the couple was wholly settled in with the staff as near and dear family. Finally, in both 2014 and 2016, Debbie and Alan treated Secret Bay as a true second home—yet never once felt unsurprised by the island’s beauty. We hope to host you both for your sixth time in 2019!

Cliff & Irene: Guests Who Hold Record for Longest Stay

The first time Cliff and Irene stayed at Secret Bay, they came for an entire month. They told us their villa was “a work of art which provided ‘luxury without pretentiousness,’” adding that they felt they were being held by a loving family. As retirees who love a long holiday abroad, they were looking to strike a perfect balance between home comfort and luxury service. At the end of their first stay, they gave us a five star review, writing that, “Secret Bay is absolutely the most unique and wonderful resort we have visited in our 46 winters in the Caribbean.”



Chris & Jill

Chris and Jill came to Secret Bay nearly two years ago and were instantly enraptured by the Nature Island’s splendor as they explored the rainforest, kayaked through local beaches and snorkeled in our warm, azure Caribbean waters. Then, at the day’s bookends, they would return to their villa to reminisce and, consequently, redefine a new love for both nature and one another.

Garrett & Jessica

Garrett and Jessica from the famous Bucket List Family arrived at Secret Bay with plenty of worldly experience. Nonetheless, their time upon the Nature Island far exceeded their expectations of natural serenity and romance. The family of four spent their time paddling and kayaking through Secret Beach and, in the postcard video series, gave a tour through their eco-luxury villa. While the boundless adventures beyond their villa doorstep were unforgettable in and of themselves, it was the tranquility of Secret Bay that immersed the family within an entirely novel category of romance and intimacy.

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