3 Must-Experience Water Adventures

The rejuvenating effect of water in nature is undoubtedly one of the staples of any great holiday, no matter if it’s more of the relaxing or adventurous type. Here on the Nature Island of Dominica, we provide a wealth of water experiences on our property, nearby Secret Bay and around Dominica. Here are a few you shouldn’t miss on your holiday.

Night Snorkeling



While many have experienced snorkeling on holiday, few have taken part in this activity at night. One of the most unique experiences in Dominica, this tour starts from the local Tibay Beach. Our guides take you through the shallows of our warm waters with lights to expose amazing nocturnal creatures that you won’t see by day.

You can expect to see lobsters, octopus, sea horses, moray eels and bizarre creatures like the orange balled corallimorph, which comes out from the recesses of the reef and extends its tentacles out to ensnare passing food. Another great find is the basket star, which open up from their daytime balls into beautiful fans to filter the water of nutrients. Swim out into the unknown with our guides for an exhilarating night time water adventure.

Sulphur Spas

Sulphur SpasImagine submerging in a natural hot spring amidst the exotic sights and sounds of the jungle. Indulging in Dominica’s sulphur spas is one of the most relaxing ways to get in touch with nature and strip all of the stress and excess away. Our team is familiar with all of the local spa locations, many of which have been landscaped in awe-inspiring ways, and we will be happy to recommend a great experience to suit your needs.

Lion Fish Hunt


While snorkeling at Secret Bay, many are amazed by the colorful diversity of aquatic life that we have. You’ll see sea fans, tube worms, sea cucumbers, butterflyfish and more. But there’s one species of fish that’s threatening the rest and tarnishing the health of our coral reefs—the lionfish. The threat that lionfish pose to our environment makes hunting them an ecologically-motivated practice. On a lion fish hunt, we connect you with a local fisherman who will take you on a spearfishing lesson so you can catch your own.

But we don’t just catch and kill this species. The lionfish also happens to be delicious. Spear your own and you can take it home, where one of our chefs will teach you how to create a delectable and sustainable lionfish meal—all part of this grand water adventure.


Ready to have a grand water adventure of your own? Take a look at our adventure packages or make a reservation.

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