10 Truly Special Spaces at Secret Bay

Dominica itself is such a special place on this Earth, and Secret Bay was designed to both complement and exemplify everything that makes it so. We strive to make every part of your stay just as remarkable as the island you’re here to see—and one of the ways we do that is by creating and curating some truly special spaces.

From private to shared spaces, frequented or off the beaten path, these are spaces created for calmness, for healing, for admiration, for awe. Explore the spaces of Secret Bay below.

1. Gommier Spa

Your average spa in the city might have a sound machine or speaker playing the sounds of nature, a blend of essential oils diffusing, and a humidifier to create an ideal ambience for relaxation. With its treehouse-style three-walled design, Gommier Spa naturally exudes the serene open-air energy indoor spas may try to emulate. It adds an extra something special to your massage or treatment. 

2. Bwa Mang Wellness Pavilion 

So many guests come to Secret Bay to heal and recharge—and Bwa Mang Wellness Pavilion was created to support those journeys. Overlooking the Cario River and just beyond that Tibay Beach, this open-air pavilion hosts yoga and wellness classes for private or couples experiences.

3. Vetiver Sunset Deck

Romance is an innate feeling at Secret Bay, but some spaces just deliver an extra spark. The Vetiver Sunset Deck—which can be reserved for a private, intimate dinner or evening pre-dinner cocktails—is a beautiful place to connect with a loved one and watch the sun paint the sky.

4. Your Villa

Equipped with all the comforts you’d expect from a six-star resort along with some extra thoughtful touches, your villa should feel like home. Between your private deck with a plunge pool, fully stocked kitchen, and ultra-comfortable bed, it’s a place to retreat and relax, completely undisturbed—just you and nature.  

5. Zing Zing Restaurant 

Executive Chef Fábio Fernandes creates truly unforgettable dishes, inspired by his world travels while exemplifying fresh, hyperlocal fare. A dinner at Zing Zing is a must on every guest’s list—and we find guests keep coming back to try new creations.  

6. Tibay Beach

Just a short walk from your villa, this beautiful spot on Dominica’s coastline is a delight day or night. Lie on the sand and get lost in a book, embark on a kayak ride from the shore, or ask your villa attendant to arrange a candlelit experience for an evening to remember. 

7. Secret Beach

Accessible only by sea, this private, secluded beach is the perfect spot for a mid-day picnic or adventure. A short kayak, paddle, or swim away, Secret Beach will feel like your own private island. It’s a serene dream.

8. Organic Villa Gardens

Our latest wellness initiative combines environmental best practices with fresh, local cuisine. In 2020, we planted organic villa gardens outside of each villa at Secret Bay. Guests have access to harvest their own food right outside their door to eat fresh, prepare it themselves, or have one of our chefs transform it into a delectable dish in a private in-villa cooking class.

9. Nature Trails

Access to the incredible beauty and diversity of Dominica’s wildlife is just outside your villa door. Secret Bay’s on-site nature trails will lead you amidst trees and wildlife—through the rainforest, out to the ocean, and anywhere your feet may take you. Take your time and admire the flora and fauna, birds, reptiles, and more. 

10. Wild Orchid Garden Decks

This particular space is extra special because of its exclusivity. Accessible only to guests of Zabuco Honeymoon Villa I, the Wild Orchid Garden Decks offer complete relaxation. Set into the cliff, under a canopy of trees and overlooking the sea, it’s a beautiful spot for relaxation and romance. Catch a sunset, read a book, or simply admire the breathtaking views.

Experience all that makes Dominica truly special. Inquire here.

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