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10 Species to Watch for at Secret Bay

With its diverse climate and habitat, Dominica is home to an array of animals, including 179 species of birds, 45 species of fish and 16 species of sea mammals. Keep reading to explore the 10 wild creatures you are bound to see on your next Secret Bay visit. 

1. Whales

One of the largest animals calling Dominica home is the Sperm Whale. While prime whale watching season takes place between November and March, you have a chance to view resident pods year round by taking a whale watching tour. Speak with our concierge today to book your excursion. 

2. Dolphins

One of the most known sea mammals that roam the warm waters of Dominica are dolphins. There are several different species of dolphins that can be spotted year round via private boat tour—including the Spinner Dolphin, the Pantropical Spotted Dolphin, the Fraser’s Dolphin and, occasionally, the Bottlenose Dolphin.

3. Bicolor Damselfish

The pristine reefs off the coast of Secret Bay are swimming with over 45 different species of fish, one of the most common being the Biocolor Damselfish. You will be able to see the Biocolor Damselfish near the sea bed on shallow rocky and coral reefs while snorkeling.

4. Trumpetfish

Trumpetfish, known for their tubular-elongated bodies, are found throughout Secret Bay waters. Typically glowing a beautiful yellow or orange color, Trumpetfish can be spotted from a ways away swimming through the reefs. 

5. Jaco Parrot

Dominica is truly a bird watchers’ paradise. One of the island’s endemic bird species, commonly sighted in the Syndicate mountains near Secret Bay, is the Amazona arausiaca or red-necked Jaco parrot. Known as the lesser Dominican amazon for it’s stature both in size and prestige when compared to the critically endangered Amazona imperialis or Sisserou parrot, which takes center-stage as a national symbol on the country’s flag, the Jaco boasts an equally stunning plumage of bright greens, reds and blues. 

6. Hummingbirds

One of the smallest birds seen on the Nature Island is the hummingbird. You will see these beautiful creatures perched right outside your villa and throughout the trees during your stay at Secret Bay.

7. Crabs

The most common animal you will find around the beaches of Secret Bay are crabs. There are 20 different species of crab on Dominica that roam both land and sea.

8. Iguana

The Iguana is the largest reptile found at Secret Bay. You will see the Lesser Antillean Iguana roaming the Secret Bay property. Lesser Antillean Iguanas are herbivores, feeding on leaves, flowers and fruit throughout the rainforest.

9. Sea Turtles

There are several species of Sea Turtles on the island including Leatherbacks, Hawksbills and Green Turtles. The best way to view these protected animals is to go on a guided Sea Turtle watching experience with a guide who will educate you on each species.

10. Butterfly

Dominica is home to a wide variety of insects including 55 species of butterfly, two of which are endemic to the island. You can spot these butterflies everywhere from the organic garden at your private villa to the Zing Zing deck during your next culinary journey.

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