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Why Dominica is the Best Country for Second Citizenship

Whether for the love of travel, capital gain or the security of having a backup plan, hundreds of thousands of people become dual citizens around the world each year. One of the most reputable ways to obtain a second citizenship is through a process called citizenship by investment—an established program that allows individuals (or families) to become a citizen based on major contributions to the economy, society, culture or other interests as authorized by the government. And in the Caribbean, The Residences at Secret Bay present the most sound opportunity to do so.

The Financial Times magazine Professional Wealth Management (PWM) recently named Dominica as the best country for citizenship by investment in their 2019 edition of the CBI Index. Here are the top five reasons why Dominica has earned this top spot for the third year in a row—breaking the record for the highest ever score on the Index (91%).

  1. Low Initial Capital Investment
    Relatively speaking, compared to the twelve other countries studied this year, Dominica is the most affordable. At US $100,000 direct donation or US $200,000 minimum investment in approved real estate, it’s much more accessible than other countries, which can reach the high-hundred-thousands to low-millions.
  2. Travel/Residence Conditions
    It’s not necessary to travel to or reside in Dominica before, during or after the citizenship process—making it much easier to complete the process on your own timeline.
  3. Faster Citizenship Timeline
    Dominica earned full marks this year for its citizenship processing timeline, which is one of the fastest in the world. It typically takes less than two months from start to finish.
  4. Ease of Processing and Transparency
    Dominica boasts a highly streamlined and straightforward process for investing and obtaining citizenship. The country has continued to refine the program over the years.
  5. Quality of Life
    Dominica’s thriving environment and the country’s investment in clean energy and sustainability positions it as the best Caribbean nation for life expectancy.

When you’re ready to obtain second citizenship in Dominica, take a look at our limited collection of villas and villa estates in The Residences at Secret Bay, each featuring breathtaking mountain and ocean views, expansive indoor-outdoor living spaces, well-appointed kitchens and stunning plunge pools.

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