Travel Charts Hone in on Dominica as a Must-Visit Destination in 2024

Dominica has captivated the travel world yet again with its unspoilt landscapes and eco-conscious allure. With recent acclaim from authoritative voices like The New York Times, National Geographic and Rough Guides, the Nature Island solidifies its reputation as one of the best travel destinations in the world.

In a new article titled “52 Places to Go in 2024,”The New York Times praises Dominica’s stunning national parks and adventures like waterfall rappelling and world-class diving with once-in-a-lifetime whale sightings. Meanwhile, Rough Guides spotlights Dominica’s commitment to protecting its shores, as evidenced by the new sperm whale sanctuary, where these majestic creatures can be spotted year-round.

Additionally, National Geographic celebrates the recently opened Waitukubuli Sea Trail. As the first long-distance kayaking route in the Caribbean stretching along the island’s untamed western coast, it encapsulates Dominica’s ethos of sustainability and low-impact tourism development.

Luxury travel website Galavante calls attention to Dominica’s one-of-a-kind combo of beaches, hikes and luxury stays ideal for the travel insider looking to go somewhere new. And the BBC touts the newly opened Waitukubuli Sea Trail as a sustainable tourism attraction, with prime coastal kayaking immersing visitors in Dominica’s rugged west coast cliffsides.

Travel Pulse also recognizes the Nature Island as one of the Caribbean’s safest destinations to visit in 2024 in terms of lower crime, urging travelers to still stay aware while exploring renowned landmarks like the otherworldly Boiling Lake.

As Dominica continues to earn acclaim as a sustainable travel destination, Secret Bay is ideally poised to deliver the pinnacle of eco-luxury on the island. Get in touch with us today to begin crafting your own unforgettable adventure on the Nature Island. 

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