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Redefining the Caribbean Family Summer Vacation

As summer nears, a simultaneous sense of calm and excitement imbues the air; adults and children alike begin to anticipate the months of adventure and respite that lay ahead. Summer sets the stage for the ultimate occasion to disconnect from reality and connect with one another. Still, while the white-sand, turquoise water memories of a typical Caribbean vacation are beautifully vibrant, they’re not always lasting.

Families of today are seeking something more; for a family getaway to inspire and influence their children, to open their eyes to something much larger and more meaningful. Nevertheless, they needn’t look further than a lesser known Caribbean isle—Dominica—and Secret Bay’s secluded paradise within, offering this “vacation to remember” on a silver platter. While most Caribbean resorts strive to keep their guests on property, Secret Bay urges you see, taste and feel Dominica. The Chuinard family, recent Secret Bay guests, can certainly attest to the fact that it is this immersion that binds families to a story, not just a beautiful tropical place.

A Small Island Without Bounds

The secret of Secret Bay is its boundlessness: there is always something more, even when you think you’ve done it all, to assuage the curious mind. Embark upon an unforgettable rainforest tour with Dr. Birdy, allowing your children to chew on sugar cane, taste fruit directly off the branch, climb 400-year-old roots and observe some of the most colorful endemic bird species in the world. Envelop yourselves among the Bwa Mang trees of the Indian River as your family sits wide-eyed, witnessing the paradisiacal jungle of Dominica that was, indeed, the backdrop of The Pirates of the Caribbean. Or, explore a foreign cosmos beneath Secret Bay’s own waters and ogle vivid sea fans, lion fish, tube worms, and butterflyfish within a sea cave.

Bold & Local Caribbean Fare

While physical experiences comprise many of our most illustrious memories, nothing revives the past so completely as the smells and tastes that were once associated with it. Secret Bay’s Executive Chef Eric cooks up fresh, locally-sourced dishes to provoke the palette of all diners, of all ages. When fish is caught just beyond Secret Bay’s shoreline, or plucked from the garden just beside the kitchen, the bold flavors speak unforgettable volumes. Engage your family in a hands-on cooking class as one of Secret Bay’s chefs teaches you the ins and outs of traditional Dominican cooking in the comfort of your own villa or bungalow, allowing your children to eat the fruits of their labour; an experience they won’t soon forget.

Share in a Vibrant Culture

Food is an integral part of Dominican culture; however, it is the people of the island, those who forage the produce and hook the seafood, who bring these ingredients to fruition. While Caribbean vacations are often limited to the expected beach activities, a Dominican getaway allows your family to submerge in a culture that is teeming with history. Nearly 3,000 Kalinago Amerindians, Dominica’s first people, live in the Kalinago Territory on the East Coast of the island, where they preserve and share a proud heritage more than 1,000 years in the making. Visit the Kalinago Barana Auté (Cultural Village) and stop at the craft stalls to collect beautiful traditional handiwork, such as lovely woven straw baskets. By immersing your children in a foreign culture, you will teach them to to understand and respect similarities and differences, initiating the crucial discussion of race, ethnicity, language, and history.

Relax in the Zing Zing Family Villa

After a long day of exploration and cultural enlightenment, your family will surely bond over countless shared moments amid the repose of your Secret Bay home. The treehouse, cantilevered design of the Zing-Zing Villa is composed of an open terrace with a plunge pool and spa tucked within the cliffside, as well as both indoor and outdoor living spaces flush with luxurious amenities. Here, melt into the soul of the island, the spirit of Secret Bay, and, of course, your family’s meaningful time together.

Explore the many wonders of Dominica with three distinct experiences via Secret Bay’s Family Fun Under the Dominica Sun package.

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