Architectural Digest: Secret Bay Highlighted as a Striking Hotel That Turns Cliff-dwelling into a Stylish Getaway

Architectural Digest has revealed 9 striking hotels noteworthy for their expansive views and opulent amenities, that make them iconic getaways and Secret Bay has been named at the top of the list. Highlighted for its unique cliffside placement paired with sustainable architecture and luxury treehouse-style design, Secret Bay is a haven that “lures us to the brink for fashionable, life-changing getaways.” 

“It started with a dream. Award-winning Latin American architect Fruto Vivas gave his daughter Sandra and her new husband, Gregor Nassief, a wedding gift sure to be coveted by architecture buffs everywhere—a drawing for a stunning personal residence on the island of Dominica. The idea was a home that would meld into the terrain, a lush site on a cliff that lorded over Secret Bay. What resulted was a sustainable masterpiece that seems to dance above the treetops, crafted from Guyanese-sourced hardwood, filled with unique handmade red cedar furniture and suffused with natural light. Like all good dreams, this one lingered, evolving to become a boutique hotel composed of just six treehouse-style villas spread across four tropical acres. Measuring between 1,000 and 3,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space, each extraordinary structure include personal plunge pools, free-standing tubs, gourmet kitchens, and pillow hammocks. Leave your lounge chair for snorkeling, nature trails, and personalized yoga classes.”


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