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Guess Who Voted Us the Sexiest Bedroom in the Americas?

Sexiest bedroom in the americas

Not to be upstaged, the original Zabuco Honeymoon Villa won Secret Bay the prize for having the third sexiest bedroom in the world at Boutique hotel collection Mr and Mrs Smith’s inaugural awards, which took place at their 10th anniversary party in London’s hip Shoreditch area. First and second place were taken by luxurious urban hotel suites in London and Venice, which means our honeymoon villa was considered to be not only the sexiest bedroom by the beach in the world, but also one that is sexier than any other bedroom in all the Americas. Of course Zabuco II and III hadn’t opened when the judging was done, but given that they are identical, it is fair to say that Secret Bay now has the three sexiest bedrooms in the Americas….. (Photo Capture from Steve Barnes Video)

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