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Featured Staff: Richmond “Richie” Peters

featured staff richmond
Itching to know the name of that vibrant bloom that keeps catching your eye? Ask our man Richie. He learned his expertise the old fashioned way – from his grandmother, known in his village as SeySey. He tended both her gardens: the floral one and the ubiquitous Dominican “garden” with ground provision and vegetables.

The spring is welcoming his recent floral landscaping project that borders the drive to the villas and bungalows. Crotons, pride of Barbados, Hibiscus, are some of the floral confetti that flow along the path like a river. He is a lover of all flowers but he confessed that bougainvillea moves his heart. And it is not just the floral creations at Secret Bay that he brings to life. He is also the proud father of a newborn son.

His next project? He’s busy establishing an organic vegetable and herb garden close to the Souce Shack. So if you choose our Nature’s Secret package you may well find yourself picking your herbs and vegetables for your cooking class from his patch for your organic culinary creation – straight from soil to sauce!

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