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Caribbean Journal Names Secret Bay Best Dominica Resort

The Caribbean Journal recently awarded Secret Bay the number one spot on its list of the five best Dominica resorts. Situated on the coast of the nearly unscathed island in the West Indies, Secret Bay has been widely recognized as the most secluded and luxurious resort in all of Dominica. The island has gained significant attention in the past few years for its pristine scenery, black and white sand beaches, its 365 rivers and 12 waterfalls, as well as the Dominicans’ dedication to ecotourism and conservation. There is a shared understanding among the people of Dominica to maintain the purity of their home, which tourists likewise uphold once they’ve witnessed the natural splendor of the island.

What makes Secret Bay the Best Resort in Dominica?

Secret Bay is the quintessence of an eco-luxe resort, offering exceptional comfort while maintaining the inherent beauty of the rainforest. Among the most accommodating and paradisiacal hotels in the world, Secret Bay allows the guests to melt into the soul of Dominica and simply forget all else.

Sustainable Luxury

bungalow_at_night_highresAbove all other hotels throughout Dominica, Secret Bay sustains all that the island stands for: a locale of uncorrupted beauty. The secluded complex, consisting of just eight villas and bungalows, is camouflaged by the Dominica rainforest atop the breathtaking northwest cliff of the island. Resembling tree houses, the rooms were constructed within nature, not around it. Opening just five years ago, Secret Bay has already received countless accolades for its eco-luxe vision and five-star service. As a small hotel, the guests receive the utmost care and attention while also able to recede into their secluded sanctums amid the vines.

Secret Bay exists, and will persist, upon a system of values to sustain the natural purity of the community. Designed by the celebrated architect Fruto Vivas, Secret Bay sources its own building materials and implements water and energy efficient strategies to protect the precious land of Dominica. As an eco-luxury resort, Secret Bay exists in a beautiful equilibrium between a responsibility to the environment and a commitment to the guests’ comfort. In essence, the resort offers the most luxurious experience in harmony with nature, the ability to revel in ethical luxury.

Each villa is equipped with a personal iPhone, Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker, and Apple TV with a provided Netflix account. The guests can stay as connected as they so please, or perhaps disconnect from the outside world on the Gommier Meditation Deck, nestled in the trees along a pathway down to Tibay Beach. It’s no secret that Secret Bay is the #1 resort in Dominica for its commendable balance between sustainability and utmost luxury.


Stemming from its literal roots in nature and ultra-modern amenities, Secret Bay is renowned for its ambience of romance and intimacy. The eight villas and bungalows have been generously positioned across the site to ensure privacy and solitude, all with spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea and distant mountains. The Caribbean Journal, too, acknowledges Secret Bay’s prestige as the most romantic retreat in Dominica:

“This clutch of massive eco-luxe villas on the northwest coast boasts outdoor showers; private plunge pools; ultra-modern amenities and dedicated butlers to personalize your experience. There are few resorts like this anywhere on earth.”

Zabuco Sunset Terrace

While the guests may indulge in the modern luxuries of their enchanting villas and bungalows, they may also immerse themselves in the unparalleled intimacy of the natural world atop the Secret Bay cliffside: the vivid sunsets, the subtle sounds of hummingbirds and owls, the expanse and consumption of the Caribbean rainforest. The Secret Bay experience is a true love story.





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