12 Activities to Look For at a Caribbean Luxury Resort

When it comes to the search for resorts, you’re looking for an immaculate experience, right? A place that opens doors to unique adventures and memories that will last a lifetime. While searching for the luxury resort vacation you deserve, there are a number of activities we recommend seeking out prior to booking.


What to Look for in a Caribbean Luxury Resort

Whether you’re looking for scenic exploration, relaxation, physical exercise, or adventure, here are our top activities to look for.

1. Beach Play

No vacation is complete without a beautiful beach on which to relax and find your bliss. Look for secluded beaches with warm waters, soft sand, and calm surf so you can swim and enjoy being enveloped in your very own natural salt water bath. While packing, don’t forget plenty of reading material and sunscreen, especially if you’ll be posting up on a remote beach without easy access to stores. You may also wish to read about the ocean animals and tidal information in the climate you’ll be visiting. That way, the only surprises are good surprises!

2. Stand Up Paddle Boarding

This sport is popular for a reason and it makes for a fantastic vacation activity at a luxury resort. When the waters on your beach are calm and warm, stand up paddle boarding can be just as relaxing as it is good for you. Get the blood flowing and warm up your muscles while taking in the scenery around you. Paddle boards also afford you access to areas of your Caribbean island that aren’t accessible by road or trail such as North Dominica’s mangroves.

3. Night Snorkeling

You’ll find snorkeling at many luxury resort destinations, but night snorkeling is an experience like no other. While night snorkeling, you’ll find nocturnal fish that aren’t visible during the day. Or you may experience fish that change as the sun goes down. For example, the Basket star hides during the day and fans out at night to catch plankton in their nets. Watch as the Basket stars catch their food and curl it into their mouths as you wade and swim in the beautiful warm shallow waters.

4. Whale Watching

Any who have experienced the magnificent breach of a whale will tell you this is an activity you need to check off from your bucket list. From January 15th through April 15th in Dominica, you can experience Sperm whales and Humpback whales surfacing. Boat tours are the most popular way to see whales in the Caribbean, but we offer static telescopes that allow you to view Oyohayo Bay up close and spot whales from the comfort of your villa, bungalow, or one of our beautiful communal decks. You may also expect to see different dolphin species and sea turtles.

5. Massage

Release any tension that’s built up from your fast-paced life and relax with a professional massage. While visiting most luxury resorts, you can expect to find a dedicated spa staff. Massage therapy is one of those essential aspects of any vacation that you should partake in and, if you’re enjoying your getaway with a partner, relax together and enjoy a couple’s massage.

6. Meditation

Yoga and meditation are some of the most impactful methods of relaxation. While staying at a luxury resort, you should expect guided meditation and gentle exercise classes from qualified instructors. Many resorts will provide special quiet areas and meditation corners on the property. Relax while soaking in the views of the Caribbean sea. Take in the fresh air and confront any anxieties that lie within from the stresses of daily life.

7. Sea Cave Exploration

Sea caves are located in some of the most beautiful corners of the Caribbean islands. They’re famous for their mystical nature, providing shade and quiet as the surf gently rolls in and out.

8. River Boating

The bodies of water that surround your luxury resort provide endless opportunities for exploration. At Secret Bay, we offer exploration of the Cario River by boat. Float through the mangroves of Bwa Mang trees and bathe in the warm waters.

9. Biking

Especially for active individuals and couples, biking is a great option for exploration and adventure from your Caribbean island luxury resort. Arrive quickly at some of the most scenic outlooks on the island via one of the many trails and roads. Biking gives you a quick way to explore corners of your Caribbean island that other vacationers haven’t. At Secret Bay, you can go your own way on one of our mountain bikes.

10. Culinary Classes

Cooking classes are one of the most fun individual or date night activities you can take part in while on your island vacation. Ideally, your luxury resort will provide classes right from your villa or bungalow. Enjoy creating the delicious dishes of Caribbean natives while learning from our most talented chefs.

11. Concerts

Concerts are a fantastic vacation activity. Enjoy the native music of the Caribbean and sway to the rhythm as you take in the beautiful soundtrack of your vacation. Some resorts will provide private concerts. At Secret Bay, we provide jazz and acoustic private concerts by native musicians for you to enjoy in the comfort of your villa or bungalow.

12. Kayaking

Whether intended for exercise or just enjoying the gorgeous vistas of the Caribbean, kayaking is among the top activities to enjoy on your island getaway. Soak in the heat of the sun, explore the warm water around you, or work up a sweat while exploring the remarkable wild island around you. Along with paddle boarding, kayaking is a great way to access beaches, caves, and corners of the island that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to see. For the adventurous, this is the perfect vacation activity.

When you’re looking for the perfect luxury resort, demand the best! Find respite from hard work and all that you do for others, and experience an exquisite luxury experience that you’ll remember forever.

With various activities to choose from at Secret Bay, opportunities for exploration, relaxation, physical exercise, and adventure are truly endless.

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