The World Creole Music Festival


Mention Caribbean music, and most people think of Jamaica and reggae, or Trinidad and calypso. These may be the best known, but there is much more to discover. For three days each October, the annual World Creole Music Festival puts Dominican music, along with its many influences around the world, firmly at the region’s heart. Cadence-Lypso is our own musical form, and this year one of the all-time legends, Kassav, will be headlining on Sunday, supported by a host of great local and international acts throughout the weekend. The festival’s tradition of featuring international stars whose music has inspired (or been inspired by) Dominican music continues in 2013, with an appearance by Tito Puente Jr, son of the great Puerto Rican jazz drummer and composer. And if you don’t know what cadence-lypso sounds like, treat yourself to a listen to one of the finest cadence-lypso bands of all time, Exile One, by clicking here. To get more details on who is playing, or to book tickets, click here.