Secrets Unveiled (Shhhh…)

Secrets unveiled

Secret Bay continues to be that special home away from home where you can unwind and enjoy the simple luxury of time with those you love. Discover some of our best-kept secrets which are sure to enhance your future stay at Secret Bay: love-infused Honeymoons, Anniversaries & More; fun-infused Family & Friends and spirit-infused Adventure and Nature. With names like Lover’s Escape, Vow Renewal, Twice the Fun, Hiker’s Paradise and Best of Both worlds, we are sure you will want to wrap yourself in the comfort of these unveiled secrets and experience Secret Bay and Dominica in ways that will keep you whispering about us forever. Book one of our new packages here. Or view our current promotions.

For the ultimate in unforgettable experiences choose our Private Wedding package and we pull out all the stops in attention to detail and discrete pampering. Every element is infused with romantic flair in the spectacular setting of Secret Bay. And after a recent change in Dominican law it is now easier than ever to say yes to the private wedding of your dreams at Secret Bay. For more information click here. (Photo by Alex Smailes, Abovegroup Ogilvy)