Waitukubuli Wellness

A 6-Star Caribbean Wellness Retreat

$967 USD per person, plus taxes, includes meals
*Inquire for group pricing

Sacred Space

Healing begins the moment you step onto the Nature Island. Guests often report a feeling of being enveloped and nourished by the moist air, the simplicity of life and the lush beauty of Dominica. After getting settled on Secret Bay’s secluded rainforest promontory, you will take part in an initial consultation to excavate your deepest health-focused desires. At this time, your Wellness Consultant will take inventory of your mind / body health, energy and chakras.

Transformational Treatments

Your Wellness Consultant will outline a schedule for your four treatments over the course of your stay that is entirely bespoke and customised to your specific wants and needs. Services may include:

  • Essential Oil Massage – Restore the body with a deep tissue massage, complete with essential oils chosen specifically for you.
  • Yoga & Meditation – Stretch the mind and body while practicing mindful movements, breath techniques and meditation, tailored to your skill level.
  • Wholistic Skin Care – Reawaken the skin with sulphur mud, a naturally-occurring mineral sourced from Dominica’s volcanic hot springs that is known to promote collagen and circulation.
  • Reflexology – Relieve tension and heal with this methodical therapy focused on the interconnected reflex points on your feet, hands and head.
  • Nutrition Consultation – Live the path of divine physical wellbeing well beyond your holiday with a curated nutritional plan designed for your optimal health
Wellness Cuisine

Clean Eating

Based upon your preferences, Secret Bay will provide four days of perfectly portioned, delicious and nutrient-rich meals sourced from the island to allow you to focus on your mind and body transformation. Breakfast items will be pre-stocked in your villa, while lunch and dinner are prepared in our central kitchen and delivered fresh to your villa or enjoyed at our open-air Zing Zing Restaurant.


A Rare Assembly of Healers

Combining wisdom, practiced skill and nurturing, Secret Bay’s wellness team is a uniquely qualified assembly of top healers. All practitioners live on the island and have been indoctrinated with Dominica’s simple, yet powerful, approach to mindfulness and well-being. Their personal stories alone will delight and inspire. This team may provide essential oils or recommend particular brands, literature, stretches or meditation practices to take home with you. The healing continues well beyond your intimate Caribbean escape.

Noreen Fontaine

Massage Therapy & Skin Care
A firm believer in the inseparable connection between body, mind and soul, Noreen incorporates relaxation, hot and cold stones, stretching techniques and deep tissue. Her mission is to curate each treatment with blended oils based on clients’ individual needs and to help guests achieve life balance through personalized, professional wellness.

Trudy Scott Prevost

Nutrition, Yoga & Meditation
With more than 40 years of experience in the practice and study of yoga, Trudy Scott Prevost is acclaimed for her expertise in both yoga and nutrition. After two years of studying to become a teacher, Trudy has joyfully spent 20 years as a trainer, teacher and educator of yoga and wellness. Having taught at Ross University School of Medicine for the past fifteen years, Trudy has gained island acclaim for her curated yoga lifestyle program, available to those both visiting and living in Dominica.

Terri Henry

Holistic Wellness Therapist
Terri Henry is a holistic wellness therapist who offers luxurious aromatherapy massages, eco-therapy “forest bathing,” moon ceremonies and also mixes a range of natural oils, balms and treatments for hair and skincare. Terri creates nature-based experiences and treatments to support a vibrant state of health and satisfy our innate need to be in connection with the elements and energy of the Earth for our mutual flourishing.

Book with Confidence

Book and travel up to April 9, 2021 with penalty-free changes up to seven days prior to arrival. Should your vacation plans change, you have the option to re-book within 12 months of your original travel dates (excluding the Great Escape period from December 18, 2021 to January 7, 2022) with your full reservation deposit applied to your new reservation.

For general inquiries or to speak with Secret Bay’s Travel Concierge about the best flight options for your travel dates, please contact [email protected].

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