New Flights to Dominica and Lower Fares Make It Easier Than Ever to Visit Secret Bay

Dominica’s most convenient flight paths have just been introduced with service to Dominica via Barbados, Martinique and San Juan. In previous years, getting to the island has been a true journey, and well worth it, but with these new flight paths from both North America and Europe, it’s easier than ever to get to “The Nature Island” and see through your dream holiday at Secret Bay.


Dominica is a small, remote island, unbeknownst to many travellers who seek a Caribbean holiday. As such, Dominica remains one of the last uncorrupted locales in the region, its lush rainforest and beaches both flawlessly unscathed. Islanders pride themselves on sustainable living: a moral system that Secret Bay was founded upon. The hotel and resort thus presents a unique opportunity to explore the Caribbean’s most enchanting, magical island in the utmost eco-luxe setting.

Secret Bay’s concierge is happy to assist with flight planning to help find you the lowest fare to reach Dominica and we’re excited to announce two new flight paths offering great rates.

Via Barbados

Jetblue’s newest flight path features a layover in Barbados, where you will then board a short flight to Dominica. This recently established airlift service will offer rates of $600 or less from the U.S., in addition to more reasonable rates from Europe. Our concierge offers the most befitting suggestions to make your layover in Barbados as enjoyable as possible, with insight into the best beaches, hotels, and restaurants, to prepare you for what will surely be an unforgettable vacation at Secret Bay.

Via San Juan

Seaborne Airlines is now offering flights to Dominica via San Juan for as low as $295 one-way.

Paris to Dominica Via Martinique

Corsair has just announced flights from Paris to Dominica via Martinique (FDF). Much like the JetBlue path, there is a change of plane in Martinique onto Air Antilles, but because of the code-share you can buy Paris-Dominica as one ticket. Fares begin as low as 500 Euro round-trip.

Please contact us for more flight information unique to your ideal travel dates.