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Warm Winter Escape

3 Sun-Drenched Activities Amidst the Caribbean’s Best Weather of the Year

$418 USD for 2 people, plus taxes & transfers
*Available October to April

There’s no better time to escape and experience the warm embrace of Dominica than winter. Pack up your bathing suit for a soothing holiday beneath the Caribbean sun, enveloped in the warm, crystal-clear water. Explore colorful marine life in the shallows, behold the magic of our resident Sperm whales in their natural state, watch the sun descend while gliding upon the Caribbean Sea, and float through enchanting mangroves to a sit-down bar in the thralls of the rainforest. 

Snorkeling Tour

Join us on a private boat to a guided snorkelling tour alongside some of the most miraculous marine life in the Caribbean. Dip into the warm clear-blue water and observe the shallows of the Nature Island, alive with color. Try to spot a multi-colored Redband Parrotfish, an inflated Balloonfish or a Spotted Moray eel.

Whale Watching

Dominica’s surrounding underwater terrain is both a mating ground and migration trail for whales, and winter is prime time to spot our resident Sperm whales. This excursion boasts a 90 percent success rate for spotting whales, sure to be an adventure set to the picturesque cliffside of the island.

Indian River Tour

You may recognize the Indian River from one of the Pirates of the Caribbean films. This relaxing private boat tour glides along still whimsical water surrounded by mangroves, Bwa Mang trees and the enchanting chorus of the rainforest. Transport to another world as you float up to the Bush Bar for a signature rum cocktail.

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